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is the solo project of Icelandic bassist & composer Sigmar Matthiasson - debut album released on September 7th 2018.
Áróra was nominated in 2 categories for The Icelandic Music Awards 2018 - Sigmar Matthiasson as jazz composer of the year and the song "Norðurljós" as jazz composition of the year.
Jóel Pálsson
Helgi R. Heiðarsson
Snorri Sigurðarson
trumpet & flugelhorn
Kjartan Valdemarsson
piano & rhodes
Magnús Trygvason Eliassen
Sigmar Þór Matthíasson
bass & composition

Bassist & composer Sigmar Matthiasson released his debut solo album, ÁRÓRA, on September 7th 2018. Combining jazz with different genres to create a surprising mixture of powerful and lyrical music with an adventurous, yet still a stable outcome.

All music written by Sigmar Matthiasson.


Recorded by Kjartan Kjartansson  at Sundlaugin, March 16-17 2018.


Mixed and mastered by Kjartan Kjartansson.



"It's no wonder that Matthíasson's lyrical and eminently likable debut recording exhibits such a classic American feel...Áróra is a vibrant and engaging debut." - All About Jazz

"Lyrical, felt and beautiful bass playing and nice open compositions from a young Icelandic bassist in very good company with some of Iceland's finest jazzmusicians." - Jazz Special (translated)

"The music contained on Áróra impresses with performance and technique, but also with a large emotional charge. The musicians feel self-confidence, unrestricted freedom, the feeling of being freed from limitations. The dynamics of the compositions and the ingenuity of the musicians are also remarkable. In addition, the fluidity of individual tracks, control over experimental tours and the ability to maintain the right balance, make this album fantastic.


The debut album that Sigmar Matthiasson has prepared for us is a sound kaleidoscope of impressions. Music from Áróra penetrates the bone and evokes pleasant shivers of pleasure." - Stacja Islandia (translated)

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